About Us

Ecosky Environmental Solutions Ltd was established in 2009 and now is one of the UK’s fastest growing environmental service providers, quickly gaining a reputation for service excellence, customer focus and dedication to finding solutions for their rapidly expanding customer base. Ecosky are fully licensed and compliant for all major standards within the UK, Europe and Asia. Ecosky offers customized solutions in 3 key business areas: Recyclates Trading, Waste Management Consultation and Energy Management, providing environmental and logistics services, which include collection, waste-flow control, treatment and recycling.
In today's markets the world wants us all to do more with less. Increase sales with fewer resources. Boost marketing impact while cutting costs. Innovate more while taking fewer risks. Ecosky are positioned as a market leader offering a unique holistic approach, with this commitment to our customers we reduce their complexity by:
  • Increasing their sales
  • Reducing their costs
  • Managing their risks
  • We're driven by anticipating and solving our customers’ problems better than our competitors.

Mission & Vision

Our aim is to become a leading global recycling and raw materials service provider, dedicated to providing businesses with increasing profits whilst maintaining the highest levels of environmental responsibility. By providing optimum recycling solutions, constant monitoring of worldwide trends, new technology, changes in legislation and economic fluctuations, we are confident our customers will value our high standards in customer satisfaction and assurances of the highest quality product.


The Ecosky Group bases it's values on offering our customers a service that benefits both them and the wider society, ensuring we operate all aspects of our business in a socially responsible manner in terms of the environment, health and safety and professionalism. Working in partnership we can make a vital contribution to the conservation of our environment, climate and valuable resources, on this, we give you our word.

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