Waste Management Consultation

Delivering professional advice to clients including waste producers, the waste management industry, its regulators and investors. provide practical, cost effective and expert support for businesses seeking assistance with Environmental Permitting, Planning, Packaging compliance, Training and the operational optimisation of waste facilities..
Our specialist environmental consultancy supports commercial businesses, the waste management sector, local government and the wider public sector. In partnership with our customers we aim to deliver positive impacts through sustainable procurement, waste prevention, reuse, recycling and the development of waste infrastructure. We provide high quality, hands on support which balances innovation with pragmatism and is tailored to meet our customers‘ needs and budgets.
Ecosky provides bespoke solutions & support in the following areas:
  • Sustainable and collaborative procurement, which embeds environmental, economic and social criteria into contractual documents with the aim of motivating suppliers to offer sustainable products and services.
  • Waste reduction, reuse, and recycling solutions, which today is now being viewed in terms of 'the circular economy' which aims to eradicate waste—not just from manufacturing processes, as lean management aspires to do, but systematically, throughout the life cycles and uses of products and their components. Indeed, tight component and product cycles of use and reuse, aided by product design, help define the concept of a circular economy and distinguish it from the linear take–make–dispose economy, which wastes large amounts of embedded materials, energy, and labour.
  • Reprocessing infrastructure, advice and support in the development or expansion of sorting, reuse and processing capacity.
In addition, we are pleased to be able to offer our clients robust monitoring and reporting methodologies which enable them to demonstrate environmental, social and financial benefits.

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